National Environmental Health, Sanitation And Hygiene Supervision Guidelines
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Jan 13 2022


Tanzania is aiming to achieve universal access to improved health services including improving Environmental Health and Sanitation (EHS) for its population. The improvements of the EHS Services are implemented through various strategic commitments including the National Health Policy, Health Sector Strategic Plan IV, Sustainable Development Goals, the Country Five-Year Development Plan, the National Sanitation Campaign, the National Environmental Health, Hygiene and Sanitation strategic plan, the health care waste management plan and the workers’ health strategic plan 2017 - 2021. Despite these initiatives in improving environmental health services, it is evident that for many years the environmental health practitioners lack supervision guideline to track and backstop trends in the environmental health services. The gap above mandated a need to develop guidelines for EHS guidance on daily activities

This documents comprises of guidelines that aim to institutionalize the necessary steps in supervision procedures for the environmental health services. Overall, these guidelines have put in place a uniform and harmonized approach in conducting supervision of environmental health and sanitation services at all levels. More specific, they offer practical guidance for planning and conducting supportive supervision so as to have uniform implementation of environmental health activities.

This tool is of paramount importance to RHMT, CHMT and other interested stakeholders implementing and trucking EHS Services. The guidelines provide standardized and comprehensive reference for monitoring progress of achievements on the implementation of EHS Services in the country. Therefore, it is my expectation that, these guidelines will be given a required attention and special emphasis during supervision and monitoring of EHS services at various levels of implementation in the country.