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Pamoja Tuwekeze Afya

The Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) is an ecumenical body owned by CCT and TEC. It was established and registered as a non-governmental organization in 1992. It facilitates the expansion and improvement of quality social services (education and health) of the Churches. Pamoja Tuwekeze Afya (PATA) Activity is one of the projects implemented by the Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) through its network of health facilities. The overall purpose of PATA is to establish a self-reliant faith-based health facility network with the financial and organizational capacity to sustainably provide quality healthcare. PATA activity will improve health service delivery of the CSSC’s network of Health facilities in meeting the health needs of various target populations. Through cost-effective and innovative solutions, PATA will strengthen the capacity of CSSC to deliver quality services in reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (RMNCAH) services, TB/HIV/AIDS, and other health-related areas.


CSSC through PATA Project aims at building the capacity of Health Care Workers of CSSC health facilities in managing TB/HIV clients, RMNCAH, and empowering management teams to obey existing Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines in their daily operations. CSSC through PATA developed this Electronic Library that will enable staff from facilities to access information for improving the quality of service delivery.


Through SafeCare Assessment conducted in the network of CSSC health facilities, it was found out that a significant number of these facilities did not have the necessary tools to assist in running their facilities. This Electronic Library developed through the PATA project aims to support collection, dissemination, and use of guidelines, SOPs, updates, and other learning materials from credible sources accessible by each HCWs within the CSSC HF network so as to be up to date. This initiative not only aims at enhance the skills and knowledge of HCWs in the provision of quality health care services but also to improve human resources management and Hospital governance.