National Guidelines For Patients Clients Referral At All Health Facility Levels
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Jan 13 2022


The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) is always working towards improving the quality of health care through health system strengthening. As the strategy to achieve this endeavor, in 2004, the Ministry developed the first National Guidelines and Procedure for Referral of Patients at all Levels. However, the Guidelines were not disseminated and hence were not put into use. This had a negative effect on the referral system. To improve the delivery of quality health services, the Ministry also has developed the Health Sector Strategic Plan IV (HSSP IV), which underscored the importance of effective and well-functioning referral system.

The non-use of the Guidelines added to other challenges affecting a systematic referral of patients at all levels in the country. Other challenges include; availability of adequate skilled and trained health personnel, availability of adequate medicines, supplies, equipment, communications and information infrastructures and technologies. Other challenges include availability of standardized and appropriate referral tools, proper ambulances with standardized equipment, health care financing for referred patients, referral guidelines, linkage between conventional and traditional and alternative medicine and accountability to referred patients.

In order to address the above challenges, the Ministry has reviewed the previous Guidelines so that they are in line with the HSSP IV and current situation.