Standard Medical Radiology And Imaging Equipment Guidelines (smrieg)
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Standard Operating Procedures

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Jan 13 2022


Radiology services in Tanzania being complex as the technology behind them, is provided within a split framework of availability of the equipment, accessories and consumables. Not only that this split framework affects the smooth provision of the services but also increases the cost of these services to the end user. Principally, it is in the light of these complexities and unorganized plethora of manufacturers, vendors or suppliers directly dealing with the entire supply chain of radiology equipment that finally translates the high total cost of ownership of the same to the country.

Literally, existence of these multiple tiers of manufacturers, vendors or suppliers of both equipment, accessories and consumables coupled with rampant technology change further complicates the smooth operation of the designed supply chain leaving aside matters related to increased likelihood of manufacturers, suppliers or vendors curtailing in an attempt to maximize profit hence affecting the provision of quality and affordable radiology services....