National Standards For Medical Radiology And Imaging Services
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Jan 13 2022


Medical Radiology and Imaging covers the medical imaging investigation of a client to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease and conditions. In recent decades, medical radiography has experienced new technological revolution and advances, and, therefore, Tanzania as a country must embrace these new technologies to improve the quality of health care delivery. Clinical advantages of these services are enormous and affect critical decision making at every stage of client management. However, they could cause harm to clients, operators and environment; and may represent unnecessary cost to health care systems in the country if the quality provided is less than optimal and/or not regulated. Hence, to assess the quality and safety of medical radiology and imaging services and to represent a method for monitoring of quality standards, basic accreditation programme needs to be implemented in the country for medical radiology and imaging services. These Standards reflect the expectations of good radiology and imaging services from the point of view of providers as well as that of primary (client), secondary client (referrer), tertiary (operator) and quaternary (environment).

National accreditation committee for medical radiology and imaging services establishes and maintain accreditation Standards for diagnostic radiology and imaging services with main goal to improve diagnostic accuracy and safety. These Standards along with Standards for calibration of testing laboratories by TBS are applicable to all diagnostic centres in the country...