Standard Operating Procedures For Imaging Patients During The Covid-19 Pandemic In Tanzania
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Standard Operating Procedures

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Jan 13 2022


As the outbreak continues to evolve, Tanzania may be considering options to prevent introduction of the disease to new areas or to reduce human-to-human transmission in areas where COVID-19 virus is already circulating. Public health measures to achieve these goals may include quarantine at home for mild cases when the need arise, which involves the restriction of movement or separation of healthy individuals who may have been exposed to the virus, from the rest of the population, with the objective of monitoring symptoms and the early detection of cases.

On the other hand, Diagnostic Imaging has been a tool used frequently in cases where there is a COVID-19 suspect and/or confirmed patient. Due to this scenario the Government is putting forward Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on how Diagnostic imaging in the form of X-Ray, CT and other advanced imaging modalities can be used safely for the purpose of confirming or ruling out COVID-19 in clients. Need for adherence and compliance by Imaging Professionals to Infection Prevention Control (IPC) measures, procedures and protocols before, during and after imaging patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients in order to protect imaging professionals and other staff, clients and accompanying relatives as well as the public....